Monday, September 29, 2008

How to become a famous programmer

This is a great article:
Famous-Programmers I ran into this while reading slashdot this morning. I loved the article. Here is a short summary:

About 50% of famous programmers got their fame from one project only.

Project Types:
Inventing a language or an algorithm
Writing a compiler, an application or tool, a game, an OS, or a book

There was also a very interesting part of the article that talked about how 97% of famous programmers are men. The article does a great job of defining famous too, which I liked.

There are 5 famous women:
1. Adele Goldberg
2. Grace Hopper
3. Ada Lovelace
4. Emily Short
5. Pamela Crossely
6. Roberta Williams
7. Danielle Bunten Barry

Since I have always wanted to be a famous programmer, I found this very interesting. Well, looks like the key is finding a really important project that adds a lot of value. hummmmm

List of famous software engineers

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