Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What to do when you are stuck in your coding?

I asked all of my developer friends to help me make this list. It has really helped me already. This is a list of what to do when you’re stuck with your coding:

1. Find someone who you can talk to because discussion is key

2. Google it or use searchable documents and libraries like Safari Bookshelf
a. Pick keywords, error codes, messages
b. Search Google’s Web and groups for different combinations of key words
c. Stop this approach of searching after two hours

3. Books and pocket references

4. Forums and mailing lists, newsgroups – but monitor closely for responses and get back to responders with information quickly so they stay connected

5. and ask on the channel

6. Email blog posters who might know

7. Local user groups

8. Place a rubber duck on your monitor and describe your problems to it. There's something magical about stating your problems aloud that makes the solution more clear.

9. Define the problem in detail because “Once a problem is described in sufficient detail, its solution is obvious” Kent Beck

10. Try approaching the problem from another angle

11. Take a break and come back to the problem

12. Compare the way you want to do it with a way that already works

13. Use tools, like Reflector in .NET to compare method and collect tools. Search for tools

14. Go back and read the documentation for the classes you are using

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