Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Graph Drawing Conference - Post 1

I am attending the 17th International Symposium on Graph Drawing in Chicago this week.

Graph Drawing 2009

DePaul University is hosting the event.

GraphDrawing Organization

Basically, Graph Drawing is about the visualization of graphs. There is a mix of topics including making software to implement graph drawing and pure theory topics regarding what sorts of graphs can be drawn and why.

This topic is a cross over topic between math and computer science, so the conference sees a mix of both.

The first talk I will attend today is titled "Why are String Graphs so Beautiful?" by Janos Pach.

"In graph theory, a string graph is an intersection graph of curves in the plane; each curve is called a "string". Given a graph G, G is a string graph if and only if there exists a set of curves, or strings, drawn in the plane such that no three strings intersect at a single point and such that the graph having a vertex for each curve and an edge for each intersecting pair of curves is isomorphic to G." - Wikipedia

I will be blogging about the conference this week.

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