Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Becoming a Techincal Leader

I am switching gears.

I’ve decided not to pursue the PHD just yet. Instead I want to focus on becoming a technical leader in industry. So, I have started reading a book at work titled “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell. I’m reading it and reflecting on how I can become a strong technical leader. Also, what does it even mean to be a technical leader?

Chapter 5 of the book is titled “The Law of Addition” and in my mind this helps me organize what I would like to work towards achieving with this blog and in life in general. The chapter is all about adding value to others lives. It lists out a few major ways to do this:
1) Truly value others
2) Make ourselves more valuable to others
3) Know and relate to what others value
4) Do things that are good for everyone with the big picture in mind

Out of this list, it is number 2 that stands out as the most difficult for me with the goal of wanting to be a technical leader. It makes sense that in order to be a technical leader you would need to know things but in addition to knowing them you also need to communicate them in a way that is in line with number 1, 3, and 4 of the list.

I am doing some relfection on what it means to be a technical leader on my team at work, at my company and in the industry in general. I want to be a stronger leader at each of these three levels.

Here is a link to the book:
Laws of Leadership Book

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