Monday, November 7, 2011

the times they are a changin'

C# programming is changing programming paradigms. When we switched from procedural programming to object oriented programming we received new languages. C++ morphed out of C and Java hit the schene.

I purchased this book today Programming RX and Linq and the introduction explains how we are increasingly at odds with our current Object Oriented Programming way of life.

However, we are still coding C#. We're not calling it some other name and the paradigms are co-existing in the same language.

The future seems to be about functional programming, LINQ, dynamic language runtime, lambda expressions, anonymous delgates, etc... and a lot of these things are just plain different from basic OOP or even in conflict with OOP.

In the intro it says that that locks, threads, and events are pretty much the assembly langauge tools for asynchronous coding. Our tools haven't kept up with the changes.

I wonder why we don't get a new name, like C#Async or something to kind of warn us that everything is different now?

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