Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspired at CodeMash

The CodeMash conference is a perfect way to start the new year. No one could fail to be inspired by this conference. Well, ok, I'm sure someone could, but I couldn't. I'm completely geeked about this conference. Choosing between the sessions is traumatic though, it is brutal. I want to attend them all.

Code Mash

I'm focusing on windows phone for my precompiler (workshop), Jeff Blankenburg

and I'm going to hit more windows phone talks by Jeff, and by Jesse Liberty. I'm going to An Intro to Expression Blend by Joel Cochran, and definitely the Windows 8 talk by James Bender.

Who doesn't love a great conference? Well, this is the best I've seen. You can really tell its run by and for developers. They handed out nice swag but no plastic bag filled with paper. It is just classy in ways that are hard to describe. It is day one and already its my favorite conference.

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