Monday, March 19, 2012

Executive Summary: HTML 5

I'm introducing a new series of posts today. It is called the Executive Summary. Here is the first entry of this series: HTML 5

Things you need to know:

(0) HTML 5 is really a combination of technologies:
HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS 3

(1) IE browsers are behind in supporting HTML 5 so in using these features you must do a lot of browser checking. The other main browsers are also supporting HTML markup tags in a piecemeal fashion, so you must make sure each feature is supported by each particular browser.

(2) The most important new features provided in new markup tags: Video, Audio, Drawing (called Canvas), Storage, GeoLocation

(3) HTML 5 isn't going to completely wipe out silverlight and other plugins because it does not have exactly every feature that they support. It is too early and premature to think that way.

(4) PhoneGap - you can code up apps in HTML 5 and use PhoneGap to port to different phone OS's. However, expect to do some work porting even when using Phone Gap.

(5) Windows 8 - you will be able to code tablet applications in JavaScript for windows 8 so learning this technology now will help you in windows development in the near future. Applications that are HTML 5 centric will most likely be easy to port to windows 8.

(6) JavaScript - this language is everywhere and most developers now need to take a look at it and its best practices. HTML 5 only enhances its value.

(7) HTML5 - is going to be a nice mulch-platform solution soon, once all browsers support it.


Pam said...

I love the style!

Pam Selle said...

Oh, and I'd add for #1, that is a great resource. And I write HTML5 without a space (I think that's convention)